Blog: The Secret to Achieving is Consistent Behavior Patterns

The Secret to Achieving is Consistent Behavior Patterns

The Secret to Achieving is Consistent Behavior Patterns


The key to your success lies within your daily habits and rituals.

When embarking a new journey it’s easy to look at where you are in the present and compare the huge contrast from where you want to be. It can become overwhelming, and sometimes crippling. I know from my personal experience sometimes a goal seems so far away and out of touch i have felt afraid to even attempt it. The fear of failure can scare us into not attempting a goal because it seems too big.

Our brain does a great job of keeping us safe by over analyzing every situation and finding flaws and showing us risks that are likely to happen. However, safety doesn’t breed achievement and results. To achieve we must play with risk, and embrace failure when it comes.

Let’s break down your big scary goals and simplify the actions and commitments they require on hand, and forget about how far the journey is to achieve them. All it takes to start is thinking and behaving a little differently than you have been each and every day. Our patterns and repetitive behaviors dictate our current state. This means that the quality of your life can depend on the same 3-5 choices you make each day. If you tweaked two choices you make a day, what would change for you?

Consider these:

How you rest

How you eat

How you train 

How you spend your time 

How you honor your priorities

Which of these areas can you commit a changed behavior to? For example, If each day you consistently choose to stay up late, and then sleep in and skip your daily work out because of lack of rest, behavior tweak #1 would be, “Go to bed by (blank time)”. If you changed that behavior, it would breed change into the next behavior pattern, sleeping past your alarm. Do you see how our behaviors play into each other?

Let’s SKIP the overwhelm of achieving and choose 2 behavior patterns this week to change that do not serve our priorities. Taking these small steps means you are already getting to work and taking action TODAY on your goals.

I like to call these two new behavior changes my “no matter whats”. No matter WHAT this week i will commit to honoring these choices. Write them down and commit.

Treat these choices as small seeds planted that over time will grow into habits and promote your highest of life. 


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