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Sweat Is Magic! Cover Yourself In It Daily to Grant Your Wishes!


Finally the day is here! We have finished the new web page and incorporated some features that we wanted. Also take a look at our new schedule starting May 8th. Based on all of the surveys we had sent back from you, our clients, we have stremalined AF to be more to your likes and timeframes. We have some great workshops, there be fun community classes, and much more fun to be had while you get and stay fit & healthy. Also be sure to take advantage of our Mindbody Mobile app so you can register for your classes, make purchases, and manage your account.

We are so excited to see all of you each and every day. AF has also implemented a new pricing structure as we have not changed our pricing in 5 years, so unfortuneatley we had some small increases. Those of you already members, no worries... you are grandfathered at your current rates as a way to say thank you for choosing AF and being a part of the AF Fitness Family. Those who register before May 8th will also be under the orginal membership fee.

We have also added to our management team, Sydnie Browning. She brings fun, skill, and a great presence to Annapolis FItness. We are lucky to have her and are stoked for some great ideas she has in store.

Many of you have seen that we have added lockers to the facility to allow you to keep your Gym shoes, Yoga mats, and other personal items onsite, locked up, and secure. Locker rentals are month to month and available on our webiste page under pricing/memberships & services. Rental is only $5 per month.

We truly love to see each and every one of you and look forward to an amazing journey with you! See you very soon!

Don't forget to keep up with our blog here and our Facebook page as well!

AF Team, Kristi, Sydnie, and Robert smiley


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