Blog: Are you Prone to Anterior or Posterior Hip Tilt?

Are you Prone to Anterior or Posterior Hip Tilt?

A great straight forward graphic of anterior and posterior hip tilt. Bold lines are the muscles that are over-active and the lighter lines are under-active. If you suspect or know you tend to be prone to either one of these, you can see which muscles need to be released and strengthened. There is almost always an underlying cause, whether it be genetic or lifestyle, and it’s important to be aware of them and the possible long term effects on your body. Your AF Trainers can assist in stretching and strengthening your muscles and your Physical or Massage Therapist can help treat you as well. *Note the dashed line up the back in the figure to the right, it represents unhealthy muscle tone due to the fact that this muscle group is holding in a lengthened position called an eccentric contraction.


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